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School in Mauritius
School in Mauritius
School in Mauritius

Trait d'Union USA-Mauritius is a private voluntary organization incorporated in 2002 in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is registered as a charitable organization whose contributions are exempt from tax in the United States.


Trait d’Union USA-Mauritius is organized exclusively for charitable purposes. The primary mission of the organization is to raise funds to help poor children in Mauritius and provide them with the opportunity to achieve a better quality of life through education, healthcare and nutrition. TUUM is run by a group of volunteers who share the common goal of helping the poor children escape a life of poverty.


To implement its goals and objectives, Trait d'Union USA-Mauritius relies on its human resources and income generated from different activities organized by its members such as raffles, fundraising dinners... We invite persons of goodwill to contribute through donations of all sorts.


For the past years, Trait d'Union USA-Mauritius has financially sustained the renovations of the school buildings and amenitites so as to create a healthy and pleasant learning environment for the Mauritian students. The Government of Mauritius provides 2/3 of the budget for the renovation while Trait d'Union USA-Mauritius contributes to the remaining 1/3 required to complete the final works. Trait d'Union USA-Mauritius has also been helping schools in their requirement of new desks, book shelves, library books and school supplies.

Various other TUUM projects include helping underprivileged high school students pay for their final exam fees and supporting children with disability through donations. Additional information is provided under ‘Projects’.


  • Notre Dame du Refuge RCA Primary School, New Grove
  • Help Senior Cambridge/High School Certificate students pay their exams fees. Without the financial help provided to them, the students will be unable to graduate high school.


  • 2016 - Philippe Rivalland RCA Prmary School, Beau Bassin
  • 2015 - Eugene Dethise RCA Primary School, Belle Rose
  • 2014 - St Enfant Jesus RCA Primary School renovations
  • 2013 - Camp de Masque RCA Primary School, Goodlands
  • 2012 - Montagne Blanche RCA Primary School
  • 2011 - St. Pierre RCA Primary School, Saint Pierre
  • 2010 - St. Francois d'Assises RCA Primary School, Baie du Cap
  • 2009 - St. Antoine RCA Primary School, Goodlands
  • 2008 - St. Esprit RCA Primary School, Eau Coulee
  • 2007 - Olivia RCA Primary School, Bel Air
  • 2006 - Notre Dame des Anges RCA Primary School, Mahebourg
  • 2005 - Notre Dame de la Confiance RCA Primary School, Curepipe
  • 2004 - Queen Victoria RCA Primary School, Flacq